Human Capital Performance

People Report™ tracks staffing levels, demographics, turnover and provides compensation and benefits analysis for the restaurant industry on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. From your frontline employees to the corporate boardroom, we’ve got you covered.

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What is People Report?

Our products assess your workforce, providing perspectives from the macro economic and industry levels, as well as capturing the performance of your direct competition and your company, all with the added benefit of geographic context.

Workforce Index

This quarterly indicator of current labor market conditions is designed to help recruitment executives make more strategic decisions in response to real time market conditions. Workforce Index covers employment levels, recruitment difficulty, vacancies, turnover and employment expectations in the food service industry.

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Turnover Calculator

Did you know turning over one hourly employee costs you $2,171? In a labor market where you know that turnover is hurting your bottom line, it's crucial to stay on top of best in class performance. Just how much it's affecting you? Check out our turnover calculator to find out.

Turnover Calculator

Recruiting & Training

The People Report Workforce Index says it has never been more difficult to recruit talent. How do we outsmart & outhustle full employment? People Report metrics will keep you on your game when it comes to all things recruiting and training including annual surveys: Trends in Hospitality Training and Development and a members-only Recruiting and Turnover Report.

Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey

This annual report answers the question: “Are we rewarding our employees competitively across all levels of the organization?” Metrics includes compensation, benefits and other reward practices of leading restaurant brands. Key metrics are shown at the industry level as well as segmented based on system-wide sales.

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Red Lobster has been a proud participant in People Report since the very beginning. People Report workforce benchmarks and insights provide us with extremely valuable perspective and the competition among peer companies fuels a desire to continually improve. In addition, TDn2K conferences offer terrific networking and learning opportunities.

Tom Gathers

SVP & CPO, Red Lobster

People Report metrics are an integral part of our balanced approach to the business. It helps us to shape our strategy for, recruiting, development and retention plans. With an increasingly competitive workforce environment, it is critical that we know where we stand on the first link of the Service Profit Chain, our Human Capital.

Steve King

CEO, Dave & Buster's

People Report/TDn2K consistently provides timely and valuable benchmarking data that we use to make key decisions. From the monthly Human Capital Intelligence reports, to the specialty and annual compensation/benefits reports, People Report/TDn2K is a solid source of restaurant industry information.

Dina Barmassee

SVP HR, The Cheesecake Factory

Additional Quarterly & Annual Insights

  • Targeted Competitor ReportCustomized analysis and reporting for companies looking to benchmark human capital results against a targeted set of their direct competitors. Targeted results can include compensation, turnover, demographics, etc.
  • Executive ScorecardTopline performance and highlight metrics. This is an executive snapshot featuring key human capital metrics which provide a quick assessment of the health of your company’s performance as well as percentile rankings for your industry segment.
  • Executive SummaryQuarterly analysis highlighting key indicators in the overall economic environment as well as the restaurant industry. This quarterly commentary focuses on how these economic trends are affecting the industry and what that means for restaurant operators.
    -Macroeconomic Overview: GDP, Consumer Confidence, Employment data
    -Nearly 20 pages of graphs, tables and written commentary
    -Industry turnover analysis
    -Compensation overview for the industry
  • Regional Compensation ReportWage and salary information reported by metropolitan area for both hourly and management positions. This salary information is broken down by percentile for each position and industry segment.
    -Interactive dashboard and sortable Excel file
    -Over 150 DMAs
    -Data reported at the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 95th percentile for each position, segment and city
    -Wage & Salary data at both the hourly and management level
  • Unit Level Compensation ReportDetailed analysis of your company’s management compensation practices at the unit level. Includes detailed perspectives on base salary, bonus and total cash compensation compared to each industry segment.
    -Nearly 30 pages of comparisons for the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 95th percentile in your company vs. each industry segment
    -Breakdowns by management position and industry segment
    -Includes Base Salary, Annual Bonus, Total Cash Compensation, % of Managers Receiving a Bonus and Bonus as a % of Base Salary
  • Special Annual Reports & SurveysPeriodic analysis and insights on relevant topics directly affecting the workforce and business environment. Past topics have included the state of the economy, navigating the changes in healthcare, as well as industry trends. Other year-in-review reports focus on turnover, retention, recruiting, training and diversity.
    -Special surveys and white papers on the topics important to your business
    -Economic forecasts, analysis regarding changes in healthcare law and labor & employment issues
    -Special reports on industry turnover, diversity and recruiting & training practices
  • Align Public Policy UpdateThis monthly Public Policy Update is a report provided in conjunction with our partners Align Public Strategies. The Public Policy Update provides a monthly rundown of the latest political and regulatory news directly impacting your restaurant business. Topics include wages, scheduling, paid time off, joint employer regulations, pay equity and activism, among others.You can also hear more from the Align team about the latest political news in their weekly podcast, “Working Lunch.” This report is available to all People Report members in the E-File Cabinet on the Resources tab.