Positive Intent to Return Sentiment Bodes Well for Industry

Restaurant guests in Florida have shown very positive sentiment about their experiences recently. This phenomenon is not unusual. Even though the state was recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, Florida cities once again rose to the top in restaurant guest satisfaction during October. Tampa, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando had the highest marks in net ...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 16, 2017

Optimism Returns For Restaurants As Sales, Traffic and Hourly Turnover Improve

Optimism Returns For Restaurants As Sales, Traffic and Hourly Turnover Improve After disappointing sales in the third quarter, the restaurant industry was desperate for some good news and October delivered with comparable sales turning positive for the first time since May of 2016. The 0.9 percent growth in October is the best result in over two years. These insights come...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 9, 2017

Restaurant Industry Best Practices Awards to Recognize Outstanding Performance in the Workplace

TDn2K has announced the finalists for the 2018 Best Practices Awards. These awards celebrate extraordinary workplaces and operations in the foodservice industry. Winners will be honored January 29th, 2018 at the annual Global Best Practices Conference held in Dallas, Texas. The 2018 finalists are: Big Boy Restaurants, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, California Pizza...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 8, 2017

Q&A: Coca-Cola’s Roy Jackson and Robert Jeffries on the Future of Foodservice

When one thinks about global foodservice brands, Coca-Cola probably comes immediately to mind. With its rich history spanning over a century and its dynamic involvement in communities around the world, this company truly has cemented itself as a revolutionary thought leader. During the fourth-quarter state of the industry webinar, TDn2K™ co-founder and chairman Wally...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 6, 2017

5 Must-Know Workforce Trends from Q3

Upon the closing of the third quarter, the status of the restaurant industry remained fairly similar to the past few years. Most restaurants have not seen any improvement on the sales and traffic side, particularly with the devastating hurricanes that caused widespread damage in Texas and Florida in August and September. Likewise, workforce challenges remained present, wit...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 31, 2017

Despite Hurricanes, Economic Growth Remains Strong

Key Data GDP: 3.0%; Durable Goods Consumption: +8.3%; Consumer Prices: +1.5%/ Sentiment: +5.6 points In a Nutshell  “The hurricanes slowed some parts of the economy but boosted others and growth remained strong.” What It Means Most economists expected the hurricanes to cause the economic activity to moderate in the summer, but it didn’t a whole lot.  Indeed, t...[Read More]
By Joel Naroff on October 30, 2017

Online Food Mentions Swing Positive for First Time Since March

Restaurants in Florida, particularly Orlando, have received the most positive guest sentiment in the past. During September, Orlando was the major metropolitan area with the most positive sentiment for food and value. Even if restaurant sales growth was negatively impacted by hurricane Irma during September in this market, it seems restaurants there continued to meet their...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 18, 2017

Signs of Improvement Emerge for Restaurant Sales Despite Second Worst Quarter In Over Five Years

Signs of Improvement Emerge for Restaurant Sales Despite Second Worst Quarter In Over Five Years At first glance, results suggest 2017 third quarter performance was very disappointing for restaurant sales. Same-store sales declined -2.2 percent, a 1.2 percentage point drop from the second quarter. Restaurant same-store traffic fell -4.1 percent. Furthermore, the third qua...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 12, 2017

What Restaurant Executives are Saying about #GlobalBPC

Sustainable practices can drive sales performance in your restaurant. Leading from the heart can help your employees stay engaged, productive and loyal to your brand. The foodservice industry as a whole can lead the way in reforming employment practices and adapting to the modern workforce. These were some of the biggest takeaways from TDn2K’s 2017 Global Best Practi...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 5, 2017

4 Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant

Customer satisfaction can be quite fickle to monitor and manage. With the oversaturation of the restaurant market, there are so many aspects guests look for in a dining experience. Here are some tips to ensure your guests stay satisfied with your brand and keep coming back for more. Serve what you know Food can be a lot like fashion - trends tend to suddenly sweep in ...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 2, 2017

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