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TDn2K™ delivers Workforce, Financial and Guest Satisfaction benchmarks for the Restaurant Industry. TDn2K membership represents 43,000 restaurant units, over 2.5 million employees and over $68 billion in annual sales revenue.

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financial capital performance

Segment, industry and/or cuisine benchmarks with data collected from 30,000 restaurant units, over 160 brands and over $68 billion in sales. Data is shown for 11 regions, 50 states, and 195 DMAs and reported on a weekly basis. These insights answer the key business question: “is it me or the market?”.

human capital performance

Monthly restaurant workforce analytics with compensation, turnover, recruiting and demographic insights. Tracking over over 2.5 million million employees, across 11 regions and 189 DMAs, compare your company against any major segment. From your frontline employees to the corporate boardroom, we’ve got you covered.

Guest Satisfaction Performance

White Box Social Intelligence (WBSI) is the first tool made exclusively for restaurants to validate the impact of online guest satisfaction on financial performance. Track your brand sentiment utilizing key attributes (food, service, value, intent to return etc). WBSI also sheds light on the effect of the brand’s people practices on brand reputation.

Positive Intent to Return Sentiment Bodes Well for Industry

Restaurant guests in Florida have shown very positive sentiment about their experiences recently. This phenomenon is not unusual. Even though the state was recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, Florida cities once again rose to the top in restaurant guest satisfaction during October. Tampa, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando had the highest marks in net ...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 16, 2017

Optimism Returns For Restaurants As Sales, Traffic and Hourly Turnover Improve

Optimism Returns For Restaurants As Sales, Traffic and Hourly Turnover Improve After disappointing sales in the third quarter, the restaurant industry was desperate for some good news and October delivered with comparable sales turning positive for the first time since May of 2016. The 0.9 percent growth in October is the best result in over two years. These insights come...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 9, 2017

Restaurant Industry Best Practices Awards to Recognize Outstanding Performance in the Workplace

TDn2K has announced the finalists for the 2018 Best Practices Awards. These awards celebrate extraordinary workplaces and operations in the foodservice industry. Winners will be honored January 29th, 2018 at the annual Global Best Practices Conference held in Dallas, Texas. The 2018 finalists are: Big Boy Restaurants, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, California Pizza...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 8, 2017

Q&A: Coca-Cola’s Roy Jackson and Robert Jeffries on the Future of Foodservice

When one thinks about global foodservice brands, Coca-Cola probably comes immediately to mind. With its rich history spanning over a century and its dynamic involvement in communities around the world, this company truly has cemented itself as a revolutionary thought leader. During the fourth-quarter state of the industry webinar, TDn2K™ co-founder and chairman Wally...[Read More]
By TDn2K on November 6, 2017

5 Must-Know Workforce Trends from Q3

Upon the closing of the third quarter, the status of the restaurant industry remained fairly similar to the past few years. Most restaurants have not seen any improvement on the sales and traffic side, particularly with the devastating hurricanes that caused widespread damage in Texas and Florida in August and September. Likewise, workforce challenges remained present, wit...[Read More]
By TDn2K on October 31, 2017
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